Date info
This year's Copenhagen Open Masters 2019 will be on Saturday the 2nd November.

  • Registration date: 18th Oct.
  • Cancellations beyond 30th. Oct: No refund
Send to:

General information:
  • Number of starts: 1200
  • Price per start: 65 DKK
  • Price per relay: 120 DKK
  • Price per ticket, party: 195 DKK
  • Electronic timing
Same as last year, click here

No requirements, we will provide 🙂
   Swim & party Location
As usual, we have a party right after the swim meet. We celebrate the winners, we eat, we drink and we party!

Pool location (25m):
Rølikkevej 4, 2770 Kastrup.
Warm up: 08.15 - 09.15
Swim meet: 09.30 - 17.30

Beverages, soft drinks, sandwiches AND lottery tickets can be bought on site during swim meet. VISA is required for foreign visitors, local Dankort for Danish participants (or Mobile Pay).

Party location (walking distance):
Saltværksvej 63, 2770 Kastrup
Party begins: 18.30
   How to participate
Payment info, age groups, forms - look here:

Age groups
Pre-masters: Between 1995-1999
Masters: Before 1994

Payment for foreign clubs:
IBAN: DK9253240000244520

Payment for DK clubs:
Arbejdernes Landsbank:
5324 0000244520

MobilePay: 21775.
Remember to add info: "Åbne Masters 19” + club name

Download registration forms
   Last year was FUN!
This year will be no different, don't take our word for it, click here and see for your self. This swim meet might be the cosiest swim meet within a few miles of CPH Airport 😉

Pictures - click here
Video - click here

This year we will have a special "guest", as Tuborg will release their annual christmas brew to the delight of all of us! In Denmark, this is normally a BIG party weekend.

To receive winning prizes, you have to register for the dinner and party event.

Please note, do not bring own food or drinks to the party.

Come join the perhaps cosiest swim meet




Book a hotel near the pool and airport

   Quality Airport Hotel Dan
  • Stars: 3,5 (TripAdvisor)
  • Distance from pool: 1,2 km
  • Distance from airport: 1 km
  • Distance from city: 6,3 km
  • Click here for web page
   Park Inn (Radisson)
  • Stars: 3,5 (TripAdvisor)
  • Distance from pool: 2,2 km
  • Distance from airport: 2,3 km
  • Distance from city: 6,2 km
  • Click here for web page
   Clarion Hotel
  • Stars: 4,5 (TripAdvisor)
  • Distance from pool: 1,7 km
  • Distance from airport: 0 km
  • Distance from city: 8,3 km
  • Click here for web page

Enjoy your stay in Wonderful Copenhagen

Perhaps book a day extra?
Visit the central shopping street called "Strøget". It's an all pedestrian street, super easy to reach from the Metro, and very friendly for tourists.
The Queen's Palace, Amalienborg, is within walking distance from Strøget, at 12 noon you can see the change of guards.
One of the famous tourist attractions, a former red light district, now family friendly with lots of cosy Danish restaurants.
Tuborg Julebryg
   Tuborg Julebryg
At this year's swim meet's afterparty we will serve the traditional christmas brew: Tuborg Julebryg, which will be released on 2nd November!
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